CAM Services

ParaVPCB offers end-to-end CAM services to PCB manufacturer from gerber to panel Output. We run an exhaustive list of design rule checks for all boards to avoid an error that can possibly cause board scrap. All features are thoroughly checked for violations before the board is panelized. Our company has expertise and experience to handle boards up to 40 layers with most complex operations (Gold fingers, via fill, Blind & buried via technologies, Back Panel boards, Impedance, etc.)


Data supplied by customer will be thoroughly investigated and requirements of customer will be noted. Clean up process will be done and conflicting information in the received files will be confirmed with the customer for further processing.


We run an in-depth list of Design Rule Checks for all boards to avoid error that can possibly cause board scrap. All features are carefully checked for violations before the board is panelized.


Violations reported during DRC will be checked and fixed for manufcturing capability. Unfixed violations will be flagged to the customer so that they will be aware of the critical issues. In this case, either new files will be supplied or more attention will be given for such issues.


An array is a combination of single which is repeated multiple times to make a larger array of connected boards. This will be also referred to as “step and repeat” of individual boards. Other terms used to describe an array are: customer panel, stepped out, palletized rout and retain.


Incorporate client panelization setup in our environment and perform the panelization to their factory settings. Step & repeat of boards are created on one large panel. Panelization process includes; coupon creation & to be inserted in specific locations, addition of venting patterns, Mounting holes, optical targets (fiducials) around the boards.


NC files are created for the Drill & Rout machines. The following parts of the NC files are customized to the requirements : File header, Tool change, Tool finish, Step & Repeat start, Step & Repeat end, End of file.

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